We at Khosla Tech are primarily technologists with experience in building expert systems for healthcare, financial, insurance, HR, support, manufacturing, biotech, trade and legal domains. Most of us have worked with industry majors like Microsoft, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Citigroup, Accenture etc. in the past.

  • Varun Om Khosla

    Varun is the founder & CEO of Khosla Tech. Varun is a software consultant by trade, with over 10 years of experience architecting and engineering secure and reliable enterprise software solutions used by large companies in domains ranging from legal, education, hospitality, human resource, insurance, banking, technical support, manufacturing.

    As a software consultant at Microsoft Services Global Delivery (India), he has worked with many renowned clients across the globe. He was also awarded as Best Consultant for his excellent contribution at GD.

    A former national chess player, a writer with leaning towards poems and sci-fi fiction, and an amateur song composer, Varun likes to do exciting and challenging things of which latest is practicing Yoga Meditation for self-realization.

  • Tarun Khosla

    Tarun co-founded Khosla Tech. Tarun is a UX designer by trade, with over 8 years of experience in website design, animation and exquisite interfaces.

    As chief designer at Khosla Tech, Tarun has played a pivotal role in drawing beautiful interfaces for products and clients’ projects since beginning.As the COO Tarun also supervises operations of Khosla Tech elegantly which makes for a well-organized, pristinely documented and seamlessly running corporation.

  • Abhilash G Raja

    Abhilash is developer and architect with over 11 years of experience in designing & developing highly scalable services & their web, mobile & desktop interfaces. He also has technology consulting experience and has worked with customers from diverse domains such as Airline industry to Healthcare.

    His core specializations include architecting cloud services, mobile apps & iterative product development using agile practices, test driven code, automated build and deploy

    Besides technology other interests include meditation, reading, music

  • Kumaran Vellaisamy

    Kumaran is a consultant and developer by trade, with over 8 years of experience in developing enterprise and consumer software solutions in education, healthcare, banking, trading and other financial domains.

    As a software consultant at Microsoft Services Global Delivery (India), he has worked with large clients in education and financial sector. He was awarded as Star Performer for his excellent contribution at GD. He also worked as a Senior Developer at Citi India Private Ltd and as a Developer at Bank of New York Mellon (India) in equity/options trading systems.

    As a UX enthusiast, he likes to design and develop exquisite mobile interfaces

    He is a marathon runner and cyclist who does solo long distance cycling. He also likes to read about history and has an interest towards documentary & drama movies.

  • Sahil Behl

    Sahil is primarily the lead quality analyst with over 6 years of extensive experience in field of Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

    As a quality analyst, his primary role is to ensures that the final product delivered to the client is of highest quality and bug free. With his experience and knowledge in designing test planning, test matrix, usage of testing tools and systematic Agile framework approach he manages multiple releases by coordinating dev team and QA team. He ensures that before final product is handed it adheres basic 'Software Quality Principles'. So there is a robust testing process which has been laid down and followed to deliver highest quality and bug free product.

    Sahil is also actively involved in product requirement gathering and sales of some of the company's products like "Gluco".