PerformTel Email Support (PES)

Developed to provide in-house email support platform for PerformTel – a leader in call center services, customer support and sales. PES has transformed an individually driven, Desktop Outlook-based email support overhead into a centrally managed, shared online email support system.

The users of the system include

  • Admins
  • Support Agents
  • Clients

Client Overview

PerformTel - A leader in call center services, customer support and sales


Feb 2013 - Jun 2017



Technical Highlights

Web App

PES is based on MVC framework with backend in ASP.NET MVC/C#/Razor pages and dynamic parts for the frontend written with core javascript and jQuery.

Some of the notable features of PES are:

  • A web outlook interface: PES is essentially a glorified Outlook-like web mail client with ability to configure as many email accounts as one wishes. You can configure both POP/IMAP accounts and it also enables you to test connectivity with email server to verify the settings right away.
  • Mailman: Once properly configured, PES's Mailman (a background job) starts syncing with the email server and the mails are shown up on Inbox page. Replies are shown in Outbox page until delivered and moved to sent thereafter. Mailman is smart enough to retry in case of connectivity issue (which is frequent with random email servers) and can ultimately suspend the account after several hours of contiguous failure and notifies the admins via email for the same.
  • Multi agent support flow: PES allows as many Support Agent users as needed. Every agent has access to the same unified mailboxes with all the emails by default but can filter it down to a particular client's mailbox.
  • Reasons and reports: PES lets agent categorize a support email while replying. These reasons can themselves be configured. Later reports are generated which are helpful to understand and analyze customers' concerns with the product better.
  • Client Access: PES also provides access to the system to clients. A client can see the same mailboxes but for email accounts belonging to it. A client also has access to reports for its emails. This was considered a major motivation by PerformTel to develop PES rather than subscribing to an out-of-the-box email support software available in the market.
  • Packages and PackageMan: PES provides a feature to create and download a package for an email account for a given period. A package contains email received and replies sent. PackageMan (a background job) also creates a package for an active email account every month automatically. This feature was created at the request of clients who needed to maintain business email archives for regulatory reasons.


PES Security is powered by ASPSecurityKit. ASK provides activity-based, resource-aware authorization to easily and securely implement hierarchical, multi-tenanted data access as required by PES.