Kirwin & Simpson Seating (KSS)

KSS is a complete automated cinema and theatre seating maintanence system developed for Kirwin & Simpson (K&S). The new system transforms a paper/telephone based, maintenance services lifecycle into a workflow driven, intuitive online experience.

The users of the system include

  • K&S Admins
  • Staff
  • Cinema Heads
  • Branch Managers
  • Branch Staff

Client Overview

Kirwin & Simpson is a leading provider of maintenance services across U.K. to cinema and theatres.


Feb 2013 - Dec 2014



Technical Highlights

Web App

KSS is based on MVC framework with backend in ASP.NET MVC/C#/Razor pages and dynamic parts for the frontend written with core javascript, jTable and jQuery.

Some of the notable features of KSS are:

  • KSS provides K&S staff ability to configure the entire hierarchy of a cinema, its branches and screens in them. Screens are created based on an intuitive, re-usable templating system. A screen is basically a set of chairs organized in rows and columns and have a chair configuration attached to each cell. The configuration includes chair's attributes such as size, color, category, price, etc as well as a set of parts.
  • KSS also allows setting up users with appropriate privileges for cinema staff based on the same hierarchy – Cinema Head, Branch Manager and Branch Staff. While bulk orders are only permitted to Cinema Heads, Branch Staff have to go through a two-level of approval to place the order.
  • The order subsystem allows a cinema to order damaged chairs or any of its parts directly from the relevant screen's interface or also through a bulk chair/parts order interface. Each order goes through a workflow which includes steps like Initiated, Approval by Branch Manager, Approval by Cinema Head, Acknowledged by K&S, Dispatched, Invoice Sent and Completed. Cancellation/rejection of order during any point in time is permitted and staff from both sides can post comments (with attachments) to an order.
  • A notification subsystem that notifies both the parties of every action throughout the order lifecycle with email and online notification center.


KSS Security is powered by ASPSecurityKit which provides activity-based, resource-aware authorization to easily and securely implement hierarchical, multi-tenanted data access as required by KSS.