IRA Services Cloud Platform (ISCP)

ira services cloud portal

ISCP is an API based multi-tenant cloud platform with a suite of self-service web portals built on cutting-edge technology. ISCP API automates and supports the process of connecting custody accounts directly to investment platforms. Portals provide workflows, views and reports via an easy-to-use and secure interface to employees, developers and individual investors.

The users of the system include

  • Investment Providers such as Lendingclub, Acorns and Wealthfront - who consume the APIs to integrate their systems with ISCP to take advantage of custodial services provided by IRA Services Trust Company to provider financial institutions as a Custodian
  • Investors/Individual clients - who interact with ISCP using the intuitive Client Portal to review and manage their IRAs
  • IRA Services Staff - who provide custodial and administrative services to both providers and investors using the cutting-edge Employee Portal

Client Overview

IRA Services Trust Company is a US based investment giant with over $10 Billion in Assets and over 39 years of experience offering unmatched custodial, administrative, services in the self-directed IRA industry.


2015 - 2019 (on-going)


API, Web

Technical Highlights


Built using Service Stack. ISCP has over 250 APIs related to assets, transfers, withdrawals, deposits, accounts, investments, roth conversions, rollovers, clients, administration, user and team management. In addition to CRUD APIs for above mentioned business functions the system also has workflow APIs to capture the entire process of a business object – from request, approval to completion and closing using state machine (triggers and events).


Being a multi-tenanted financial platform security has been a critical aspect of ISCP from the outset. Powered by ASPSecurityKit ISCP APIs are protected with a rigorous yet unobtrusive security process that involves authentication, two-factor, resource authorization, verification, suspension, IP-based firewall and automatic output filters.


ISCP has a suite of portals built using Angularjs based on the SPA model. The most recent portal was written in Reactjs.

Other Integrations

ISCP APIs often kick off backend processes using queues which are then processed by background jobs which interact with third-party providers. The system is also integrated with Mandrill/SendGrid (for emails), DocuSign (for digitally signed contractual documents), eFax (faxing legal agreements), Twilio (two-factor calls/SMS), Zendesk (ticket based workflows) etc.