Gluco is a next-generation medical practice management software being developed for the Indian healthcare industry designed to work on all device factors with speed, reliability and offline availability. Gluco seemlessly manages both timed appointments and random walk-ins (a major chunk of appointments in India) with a smart queueing system with realtime updates for patients regarding their status. Gluco APIs, web frontend and mobile app sync data in real-time using a proprietary syncing technology which automatically merges records with support for property-level merging. This means that users can work on patient records in parallel and expect their changes to sync gracefully.

The users of the system include

  • Doctors
  • Hospital Staff
  • Patients

Client Overview



2015 - 2019 (on-going)


API, Mobile, Web

Technical Highlights


Built using Service Stack. Gluco provide critical APIs related to patient records, appointments, queuing, staff, practice, offline syncing/merging and medical resources management.


Being a multi-tenanted healthcare platform security has been a critical aspect of Gluco from the outset. Powered by ASPSecurityKit Gluco APIs are protected with a rigorous yet unobtrusive security process that involves authentication, two-factor, resource authorization, verification, suspension and IP-based firewall.


Gluco has a web app for all of its users including doctors, hospital staff and patients. Written on Angularjs, it extends the framework with controller-based automatic routing, permission-based menu/feature access, clever data cache manager with automatic invalidation upon modification, service method generators and much more. This significantly speeds up the development process as non-functional aspects work in a well-defined transparent manner.

Cross-platform mobile app

Gluco App has been written in Xamarin to re-use business logic and quickly iterate to provide app for multiple platforms (Android, IOS etc). The app has been designed from the ground up to work in offline model and always keeps its user aware of the syncing status with a light bulb with green/blue/red for online/syncing/offline status, respectively. The template engine used in the app provides ability to create custom forms and views to capture and render visit details exactly desired by different establishments

Other Integrations

Gluco APIs often kick off backend processes using queues which are then processed by background jobs using third-party providers. This includes Mailgun (for emails), Nextmo (for two-factor/verification phone calls), Textlocal (SMS for appointment related notifications and two-factor) etc.